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Code of Conduct for Amnesty International Malaysia (AIM), partially adapted from the International Secretariat:

The code of conduct is for AIM members to imbibe so that the trust and confidence of AIM is raised and maintained in public. All members agree to and express their commitment to the code of conduct when they become an AIM member. The code is available to the public and in the event a particular conduct is not covered in the code of conduct, it does not render it impermissible of being is creditable and unacceptable. If found to be so, the member is eligible for disciplinary action.

  • AIM’s members will not represent Amnesty International in the interest to protect the individual from persecution and reprisals and keeps Amnesty International’s message consistent and effective.
  • AIM’s members will only work on material generated by Secretariat which is within AIM’s scope of work.
  • AIM’s members will conduct themselves in an ethical, responsible and respectable manner and not engage in, say, produce or incite offensive material or speech.
  • AIM’s members will not use their capacity as members of AIM for business, political or other institutional gains.
  • AIM’s members shall not spread false, unverified or misleading information about AIM, other members or stakeholders of AIM.
  • Should AIM’s members have any grievances about AIM operations or conduct, they should voice their concerns to the system within AIM such as the elected Board of Governance and the secretariat.

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    Banking Details/ Butiran Bank
    Bank: MAYBANK
    Beneficiary name/ Name Penerima: AIMAL SDN BHD
    Account number/Nombor Akaun: 514169622500
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